All About Rugs

hand-tuftedHand-Tufted Rugs

To make a hand-tufted rug, the pattern is drawn in mirror image on a piece of fine monk’s cloth stretched on a frame. Each wool yarn stitch, either looped or cut pile, is added individually according to color. When the tufting is complete, the back of the rug is coated with latex and jute to hold the stitches in place. Then the rug is sheared and carved by hand, and the edges are trimmed using a big pair of scissors. Thus each rug is made completely by hand of all-natural fibers.

hand-knottedHand-Knotted Rugs

This is the technique that is used to make fine Oriental carpets. Each piece of yarn is hand-knotted around a long piece of fiber; the higher the knot count, the finer the rug. Ours range from 40-300 knots per square inch. When all of the knots have been added, the edges of the rug are sewn by hand, and the face is hand-sheared. The drawing shows Barbara’s color directions for the weavers. We are a member of GoodWeave, which ensures that all of our rugs are child labor free.