Classic Rug Collection, Inc. Introduces The Klimt Collection

Luxurious Hand-Knotted Rugs Inspired by the Artist’s Work 

New York. August 29, 2018. Classic Rug Collection will introduce its Klimt Collection at Decorex 2018, Syon Park London, Booth D42, from Sept. 16-19. Company owner and rug designer Barbara Barran has long wanted to base a collection on the art of Gustav Klimt, a leader of the Vienna Secessionist movement. “Klimt’s sensuous lines, bold colors, and lavish use of gold appeal to my love for drama, for the grand gesture,” said Barran. “These rugs are not for shrinking violets!”

Taking bits of pattern from some of Klimt’s most famous artworks, Barran has repeated, enlarged, and, in some cases, recolored the sections to create rugs that are inspired by Klimt, but are not slavish imitations of his work. “I’ve seen other rugs based on Klimt’s designs, but they always seem to miss the essence of his work: that over-the-top quality, the WOW factor,” said Barran. “They all looked rather pedestrian.”

One element that distinguishes this new collection from other rugs is the quality of the execution: four of the pieces were hand-knotted in Nepal using 200 knots per square inch construction. This allowed the patterns to be extremely detailed, with clearly defined design elements. Another factor is the abundant use of natural silk in several brilliant shades of gold; the result is rugs that leave the viewer with the same breathless feeling as the most glittering Klimt paintings.

Elements from “The Kiss” and “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer 1” appear in a runner and rug. The alternation of New Zealand wool and natural silk, plus the use of different pile heights, creates drama and excitement. In “Adele,” the pattern forms a frame around a striée field of gold and grey; thus, the rug will “frame” a furniture grouping in the same way that the portrait is banded by a frame.

Sections of “Hope ll” form the basis for the “Red” rug, which is paired with “Pools,” a runner inspired by a section of the mosaic from the Palais Stoclet. Both rugs feature a brilliant orange-red wool that is contrasted with a wide-ranging palette of silk colors. Purples, greens, yellows, and blues add vibrance and interest to these striking pieces.

The fifth rug, “Fulfillment,” comes from a design element of the painting of the same name. Hand-woven in a 100 knot quality, this rug is chunkier than the others; it’s about contrasting levels, matte versus sheen, and loop against cut pile. Areas of the rug look like panné velvet, wafting smoke-like across sections of the design. Irregular splashes of gold natural silk add to the drama of the piece.

Barran is also showing two rugs from previous collections: “Sauvage,” a chunky, pure-silkhand-knotted rug that is reminiscent of a tiger’s pelt, and “Italiano,” a natural silk/New Zealand wool piece that was inspired by a favorite Pucci scarf.

“I wanted to add some texture to the ensemble,” said Barran,” ecause the golds and blacks go so well with the Klimt pieces.” “Italiano” shows a softer side of Barran’s designs; the rug is comprised of shades of lemon, raspberry, orange, coral, cream, and jet black. It is one of the designer’s favorite patterns.

All of the rugs are available in any size, shape, fiber, or manufacturing technique. Classic Rug Collection, founded by Barbara Barran in 1999, specializes in exquisite custom rugs made of the finest materials. We are a member of GoodWeave, guaranteeing that no child labor was used to make our rugs. The company is now based in Brooklyn, NY, and operates by appointment only.

Classic Rug to show at Venice Design 2018

Barbara Barran is excited to announce that she has been selected by the GAA Foundation of the Netherlands to show her work at Venice Design 2018. This international, by invitation only show will be held at the Palazzo Michiel in Venice starting May 26th. The show will be open to the public until November, 2018; it runs at the same time as the Venice Biennale.