Custom Designs

We specialize in high-end custom rugs made of the finest natural materials: pashmina, mohair, nettle, or the finest New Zealand wool. Over 80% of our rugs are one of a kind. And our quality is unsurpassed: no other rug company in the US offers 300 knot natural silk rugs as a standard part of their line.

Our rugs have been displayed in major museums throughout the United States, and we’ve shown our work in Frankfurt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Moscow, and at the prestigious International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC. We also collaborate with fine artists, such as the Gee’s Bend Quilters and Barbara Bloom, translating their work into magnificent rugs.

Whether you are looking for one rug or a suite of rugs, please call us for a personal consultation. We believe that our motto truly sums up our company: Outstanding Design. Highest Quality. The Ultimate in Personal Service.