Chateau de Courtomer

Last spring, the owner of the Chateau de Courtomer approached me about designing some rugs for her estate in Normandy, France.

Barbara Barran, President
Classic Rug Collection, Inc.

Courtomer - The chateau was built by the Count de Courtomer in 1789 on the site of a castle from the Middle Ages.
 The Moat - I’m a French history buff, and I speak the language, so I was thrilled to have this opportunity.
Marquis of Courtomer
 Measurements - In June, 2013, I went to Courtomer to measure the rooms, take notes on the existing draperies and bedspreads, and to find an installer.
 Curtains - I spent three days measuring and taking a series of photos so that I would remember what each of the 25 bedrooms looked like!
 Headboard - Then I went to Caen, located an installer, and returned to the chateau with him to survey the job.
 Room 107 Layout - When I returned to NYC, I started designing the rugs for the bedrooms, the Club Room, two hallways of 155’ each, and four spiral stairways.
Room 109 Layout
 Colors - After several meetings with the client, the designs were finalized and production began.
 Staging the Installation - My shipping agent co-ordinated the arrival of rugs from Thailand and India, and padding from the US, so that all of the material was at Courtomer when I arrived to oversee the installation.
Installing Rugs - While my installers took care of the hallways and stairs, the estate caretaker laid the rugs in the rooms.
Installing Rugs
R oom 107 Final - I was there to be sure that the rugs were installed in the correct rooms, and in the proper directions.
A Double Room - It was a thrill to see the 14 rugs in the room settings.
A Double Room - When I designed the hand-tufted wool rugs, I kept in mind ease of maintenance and classic styling.
A Double Room
Club Room
Room 109 Final
Room Shot
Corridor Installation - The long corridors with their fire doors were a challenge, but the final installation was quite lovely.
Corridor - Each and every blossom lined up perfectly!
Fitting Spiral Stairs - I chose a wool dhurrie for the spiral stairs...
...and did the color placement with an eye on practicality.
Spiral Stair Detail - On the landings, I lapped the material, as is common in European installations.
The end of the work day - This installation was truly a team effort, so, of course, there was a reward at the end of the work day!
Barbara at Courtomer - I hope to return to Courtomer someday to work on other areas of the chateau.


Please visit to learn more about this historic home. The chateau can be rented for family reunions or corporate events.

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